Ensure prosperity of Kazakhstan in mining industry due to provision of highly-technological project services in subsoil use, through achievement of high quality of project works, distinguished by rational use of natural wealth, safety and care for the environment, as well as due to creation of additional work places at the projected mining enterprises.

Be the best recognizable projecting-consulting company, offering comprehensive solution of issues, ranging from development of mineral fields projects, their approval and monitoring to launching of mining enterprises.

Provide an opportunity for specialists to realize their creative potential during performance of interesting work for respectable salary.


Management of projecting-consulting company “AntAl” declares the following intentions and directions of its activity in the field of quality:

  • Provide services in line with the requirements of customers, world standards and advances technologies.
  • Implement complex, comprehensive projects, which include several directions, as well as accompany them to the successful completion.
  • Constantly improve the quality of services, ensure and maintain mutually profitable relations with customers in accordance with their requirements and expectations, easily responding to requests.
  • Be guided by principles of mutually profitable cooperation between all concerned parties: subsoil users, state, investors, its employees and community in the whole.
  • Guarantee high quality of the project performance due to high professionalism and competences of its employees representing solid team, which uses up-to-date methods for projects design and management, manages properly and correctly interaction between all participants of implemented works. When launching any project, creative team always imagines the outcome and possible consequences.
  • Maintain the combination of specialists’ professionalism with their high moral qualities, that is a ticket to successful and sustainable work. Pay great attention to the staff training and updating qualification of the management and specialists with the purpose of upgrading the quality of project works.
  • Improve methods of project documentation management and execution due to implementation of up-to-date software for engineering estimates and progressive methods for 3D-design.
  • Constantly develop the company and broaden the activity directions.

Management of projecting-consulting company “AntAl”:

  • undertakes to constantly develop the quality management system, directed to qualitative projecting-consulting services in the field of subsoil use.
  • ndertakes to implement the Quality Policy, ensuring provision of conditions and resources for its implementation;
  • eclares, that the Quality Policy is an expression of principles and values arising from the Mission, Vision and Strategy of the Company.

Implementation of this policy is based on the following values:

  • Fairness and decency in relationships with employees, customers, partners.
  • Responsibility for the work outcome, projects implementation in a timely and quality manner.
  • Openness to all ideas and readiness to develop them and find out a true value.
  • Support of teamwork, creativity, flexibility, democratic soul and corporate culture, strive for innovations, mutual respect for colleagues and customers.
  • Attraction of talented people, able to study and teach, improve competence and creative opportunities of employees.
  • Sense of pride in the outcome of their work.


With regard to customers:

  • providing the full complex of mineral fields projecting services;
  • timely and quality implementation of all contractual obligations;
  • decency and fairness in relationships, maximum satisfaction of requirements and expectations;
  • creative performance of non-standard tasks in the field of subsoil use;
  • long-term relations, both business and human;
  • development of “turn-key” projects;
  • monitoring of projects on all stages – from development to successful completion.

During implementation of business-processes:

  • compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • constant analysis of made decisions to determine the compliance with the standards requirements in the field of mining design;
  • monitoring and analysis of innovational technologies in the field of mining design, mastering and implementation of effective design methods;
  • quality expertise of adopted project and management solutions with attraction of the best specialists in their field;
  • creative approach in its activity using the experience in earlier completed project works;
  • justification and confidence in each made project solution, ability to concentrate on key issues;
  • increase of requirements level to quality of works implemented by subcontracting organizations;
  • ability to see possibilities, not problems in changes;
  • care for the environment, implementation of new highly effective technological processes, harmless to the environment.

With regard to staff:

  • creation of conditions for creative highly professional implementation of works, self-realization and intellectual fulfillment of each employee;
  • good technological infrastructure and automatization of works;
  • application of reasonable employee interchangeability principle;
  • social safety of employees;
  • maintenance of high professional qualification of staff due to constant training and experience exchange.

 The best quality assurance of our projects – successfully operating mining enterprises

 The Policy was discussed and approved by the staff on June 07, 2013.