The core activity of “AntAl” company is design of mining enterprises, execution of design estimate documentation in the field of solid mineral fields extraction.

This activity has been developing since 1992.

To present, the company has accumulated a wide experience in design of fields development by open, underground and combined methods.

Design of field development includes all range of project solutions, including:

  • field modeling;
  • identification of optimal development boundaries;
  • selection of comprehensive mechanization structure in mining works;
  • selection of optimal technological solutions for conditions of a certain field, with the account of complex and rational subsoil use;
  • calculation of main and additional technological processes of mining works.

Design of open mining works is based on modelling of intermediary and final pits’ outlines.

These works include:

  • framework and block modelling of ore deposits in Micromine system, reserves calculation;
  • calendar planning of fields development according to periods;
  • projecting of intermediary situation of mining works on different stages of operation;
  • calculation of horizon-oriented volumes of stripping soils and ores with identification of commercial elements content;
  • identification of possible vertical development and expansion rate of open-pit boundaries with the account of applied development system and equipment;
  • identification of open-pit walls stability, norms of losses and dilution, etc. 

Design of underground mining works include:

  • identification of field development and opening methods, as well as methods of cross-section and fixing;
  • calculation of stems equipping, shafts and ramps excavation indifferent mining-geological conditions;
  • selection of mining machinery;
  • adoption of design solutions relating to mine airing, electric power supply and mine drainage;
  • design of pithead buildings with installation of the whole complex of main and additional technological equipment.

Currently, for the best economic effect, combined method is mostly applied in fields development. When projecting the combined field development, it is necessary to identify optimal boundary of transfer from open to underground works, consider the special safe combination. 

Engineering solutions in relation to drilling, explosive, extraction and loading works and mined rock transportation are detailed in projects. Technological schemes of works are developed in different operation conditions. All technical-economical indicators of mining equipment work (productivity, main material requirements, etc.) are alternatively analyzed.    

Specialists of projecting-consulting firm “AntAl” develop work projects and work documentation, design of mining allotments, reclamation, liquidation, reconstruction of open-pits and shafts, FS of write-off, projects expertise, author supervision in the field of mining enterprises construction and operation.

In addition to project activity, the company provides services in mining-economic consulting field.

Our company can estimate investment attraction of a facility, draw up a feasibility study, analyze and select an optimal option for the development of mining enterprise. We use up-to-date approaches for in-depth analysis and selection of optimal options depending on technical, geological, economical and other conditions of a certain field. We can quickly and qualitatively assess economic effectiveness of field development, as well as solve sector-specific problems.

Projecting is implemented with the use of Micromine, Surpac, AutoCAD and other software. Calculation of their sustainability in USTO software complex is performed for acknowledgement of accepted parameters safety.

Over the years of work, we successfully implemented and approved more than 100 projects and feasibility studies for mining enterprises.