One of new perspective activities of “AntAl” company is providing the full complex of services for design and implementation of corporate project management systems during construction and erection of construction facilities, industrial facilities, dressing and mining plants. This activity has been developing since 2014 and allows us to provide serious assistance in organization of construction on all stages from design to equipment installation, guided by technologies based on standards in Project Management and Spider Project software solution.

The list of services of this activity includes:

– Design and introduction of corporate project management system (CPMS). CPMS – is a heart of projects management in any organization. It includes a set of methodical, technical, software and informational tools, which optimize the enterprise operations, both from the point of view of operational activity, and increase of projects management effectiveness in a company. Introduction of CPMS increases the probability of any company’s successful project implementation.

– Development of a computer model and project implementation plan. Automated modeling of projects with the help of specialized programs allows to effectively optimize the projects with the account of different limitations (resources, price, terms, financing, delivery). It gives an opportunity to reduce expenses and payback time.

– External projects monitoring and audit. Projects implementation by the forces of the company’s management does not always result in the desirable outcome, that is why project management is conducted by the third organization, which does it on a professional level. Our specialists provide services for customer’s project monitoring on any project stage, from conceptual design to the full cycle engineering and performance of the general contractor’s functions.

– Development and optimization of projects portfolio. Review of separate project does not allow to assess the situation on the corporate level. The best effect during financial and other resources management can be achieved through projects portfolio management. Therefore, one of the most important tasks of the companies, which implement great number of projects, is the development of their own projects portfolio.

– Application of industry solution for projects management with consideration of mining and construction industries’ needs (business-processes on the projects management, business reference books and standards, developed individually for each customer with the account of its organizational structure, work specific and field). We have our own successful industry solutions, which showed their efficiency in practice.

– Development and introduction of Spider Project software system for projects management (planning and control, budgeting and managerial accounting). Spider Project – is one of the world leaders among software programs for informational support of activity in Project Management. “AntAl-Consult” is an exclusive supplier of Spider Project on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus.

The results, obtained by our customers:

  • project budget economy up to 15%;
  • eduction in terms of project implementation up to 20%;
  • increase in production effectiveness;
  • timely output of highly quality products;
  • effective mechanism for control and adoption of justified managerial solutions;
  • growth of engineering preparation and qualification of managerial staff;
  • decrease in risks during projects implementation;
  • more effective use of limited resources, increase of executive discipline and quality of projects implementation;
  • accurate distribution of responsibility between the project participants;
  • improvement of information processing systems due to automated work planning and management;
  • support after any project stage, commitment to customer’s success;
  • development of historical information for organization in the form of projects archive.